The charging solution for companies

Monta is a new software solution that connects installers, charging station operators, COPs, businesses and e-drivers with charging stations.
Making electric vehicle charging easy, accessible and reliable is a top priority for Monta. Monta software provides a high-quality charging experience, regardless of the charging station manufacturer. In addition, Monta enables charging station operators with a holistic charging solution to generate new users and effortlessly manage usage, charging prices, and transactions.

With this software, Monta lays the foundation for a scalable and sustainable charging infrastructure. In the following, you will learn more about important features of the Monta software.

Handybildschirm mit Monta App

User segmentation

Manage user groups and guests and control who can use the charging stations and when.


Public and private settings

Decide when the charging stations are only accessible for members and during which period also for other users. 


Setting of different prices 

Manage charging stations individually and set prices for different user groups.


Simple accounting

Track payment transactions, statements, and expenses directly in your Monta-Wallet.


Load management

Static, Dynamic or True Dynamic options to distribute power intelligently.


Reserve charging stations

Reserve charging stations to secure a charging station. Only you can use the reserved charging station.

On the road charging

Get access to over 150,000 public charging stations and pay with your preferred payment method.


Payment options

Pay with credit or debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay, your Team Wallet, or with an RFID charge card. 


Smart Queue

The intelligent queuing system links available charging stations with waiting e-cars.



"Self-healing" algorithms assure stability and availability of the charging stations. It repairs errors and bugs of the charging stations automatically.



Charging stations connected to Monta are visible on many other charging apps, if desired. Enable e-drivers to charge at your place.



With Monta, your charging stations will always be running on the latest firmware update.



App clips allow e-drivers to charge and pay without having to download the app. It makes the charging experience easier for a large proportion of e-drivers.


Charging cards

Order Monta charging cards and pay for your charging without having to use the app.



Manage charging stations and users easily through our platform. Scale in any direction at any time.


QR stickers

Order QR stickers and connect them to your charging station. Users can scan the QR code and pay directly.